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One week after arriving in Belgium I started to question why the hell I was here. The weather was cold (snowing), I had left behind family and friends and life back home where I was really, really happy and my bike was going slow. That emotion lasted all of 1hr. The first 30mins was of […]

Checking set up with email subscriptions

Well I have now begun to put the idea out there about ‘Born2Ride’. Figured I would register the domain names and seek out a few friends to get the thing off the ground. Keeping a personal blog is one things but working with a group to get a blog like this off the ground is […]

Today I thought it about time I turn this little idea into reality by putting it out there. So I began to formalise a list of contributors who I felt would have great stories to share. I must admit that I have begin close to me by speaking to a few athlete I have known […]