The search begins…


Today I thought it about time I turn this little idea into reality by putting it out there. So I began to formalise a list of contributors who I felt would have great stories to share. I must admit that I have begin close to me by speaking to a few athlete I have known from rowing who have taken up the challenge of working towards being professional cyclists. As we go I plan to canvas for and invite people who are interested in being part of the collective journal. The aim quiet simply is to find people who are willing to share something of their journey. The title of the blog, ‘Born 2 Ride’ is something that I like because cycling is an amazing activity that produces some many great qualities in a person and it is something that sets us fee as kids. That first time being able to ride is truly special and we keep coming back to it during our lives. Through this blog my aim is to provide a start point for people who are passionate and willing to share. Obviously my initial focus is on those who are working to make it in the sport professionally, but I hope it will not be limited to them.



One Response to “The search begins…”

  1. 1 Glen


    I am happy to post some updates on the Ironman training and race day report etc..

    160ks and I was late for my 11:00am meeting
    ; (

    How do I get access ?

    try me on both e-mail addresses if possible.

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