One week after arriving in Belgium I started to question why the hell I was here. The weather was cold (snowing), I had left behind family and friends and life back home where I was really, really happy and my bike was going slow.

That emotion lasted all of 1hr. The first 30mins was of which, were spent eating breakfast and getting changed for my ride, the next 30min was spent on the bike. By that time I had a huge smile on my face. I was doing what I love to do, in a country that loves what I do. Life was good. I was amazed that the bike could make my emotions change so quickly but I shouldn’t have.

Because when I use the word love to describe how I feel about cycling I am not just throwing it around. I have sacrificed my life back home, a lot of money and a lot of other people’s money (thank you to all of you) to get here and live a dream. Sometimes love demands that. A famous saying is “To have loved and lost is better than to have never loved at all.” My realisation on day was exactly that. I am here to chase a dream and do what I love and if that means I fail so be it but at least I am chasing and living every single second of my dream.

Since that day I am riding faster and more importantly smarter than I ever have and I am still in Love. To actually explain how I got here and why I fell in love with riding is going to take a few more blogs.



One Response to “Born2Ride”

  1. 1 Gilligan

    Why you fell in love with cycling?

    Because you found a sport where the pain lasted for longer than seven minutes.

    Because you found a sport where thunder and lightning don’t mean that you have to stay indoors.

    Because you’re a bloody maniac.

    And we love what you’re doing. Keep up the fight there,


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