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Paradigm shift


There was no pro races on the teams program over the weekend so to get some race k’s in the legs a few of us decided to race in some armature races. Sunday’s race was a very tough course with two cobbled climbs and small roads meaning riders were getting dropped from the first lap. […]

Despite a sore throat and a cough for a couple of days I have remained illness free for my entire time in Belgium. This is surprising considering I usually get sick just because someone who walked past someone with a cold walked past me. However, my good luck with health came to an end last […]


I started rowing in 1999 as a 14 year old at school. My first few experiences of rowing involved falling in the not so clean Yarra River in Melbourne. Despite my early failings I stuck with it and ended up making the school 1st VIII and becoming Captain of Boats. While in the 1st VIII […]

Here are my reports from the past fews days of racing: 81st Groote Mei Prijs Hoboken: The plan for Hoboken was to be aggressive right from the start and try and get into the break that would shape the race. I was jumping off the front however, after a few failed attempts I had to […]