Paradigm shift


There was no pro races on the teams program over the weekend so to get some race k’s in the legs a few of us decided to race in some armature races. Sunday’s race was a very tough course with two cobbled climbs and small roads meaning riders were getting dropped from the first lap. I was feeling good but had missed the break and was going to try and organise a chase when my rear tyre went flat. There are no spares in armature races so with 75km done my day was over.

I have had a lot of bad luck so far this season with flat tyres and crashes and I was hoping I had used it all up and as my legs were feeling good I thought I could get a result on Monday. Monday’s race was another tough course up and down all day and the flat sections were exposed to the wind, which meant no rest. The race was splitting to bits on the first lap and by the second lap a break had gone away. On the third lap there was one group of 7 out front followed by another group of 7, which contained Matt, and then the pack. I attacked out of the pack and me and one other rider were riding across to the second group. We were close when I took a corner and my front tyre rolled off the rim. I ended up in corn field on my back in a lot of pain. Luckily the only injuries I sustained was missing skin and bruising.

So the bad luck has continued. Mentally I just want to be able to race and let it just be about my legs. I am sick of excuses like being sick, flat tyres and crashes. My whole mind set had shifted last week and I am extremely motivated to race.

The racing is so hectic over here that it drains you and it’s hard to motivate yourself to keep fighting for position some times. However, for some reason last week my mind switched direction and I no longer saw this battle as difficult, mentally anyway. Cycling is an awesome sport to watch because you can lose at any point during the 200km of a race but you can’t win it until the last meter. I had finally got my head around this. Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to test my new way of thinking. It’s not that I need good luck; it’s that I need no bad luck. At least then I will know if it is my legs or not.


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