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Zottegem started fast and hard. Everyone was in the 11 and everyone was spinning it for the first 30km meaning we were easily pushing 60km/hr. The pace eased up after awhile but the respite never lasted long. There were 200 riders in the pack and everyone wanted to be in the front because there was […]

The Olympics


It is hard to know what you guys like to read about and I have been giving the race reports a brief rest because some of them start to sound the same after awhile. I will return to writing some race reports over the next few weeks. The team will be doing lot of big […]

Fickle form


One day I was bridging across a 1min split in the peloton solo doing over 50km/hr then little more than a week later I was struggling to hold a wheel let alone be able to attack. The buzz that is created by being able to make a bike as fast as 50km/hr is very addictive […]