The Olympics


It is hard to know what you guys like to read about and I have been giving the race reports a brief rest because some of them start to sound the same after awhile. I will return to writing some race reports over the next few weeks. The team will be doing lot of big races coming up and my legs feel good so there will be plenty to write about. However, right now I am well and truly feeling the Olympic spirit and hence the inspiration for this blog. Enjoy a walk through my mind and what motivates me.

I love the Olympics. The first memories I have of the Olympics is from 1992. The first of which is of the swimming. Me and few mates used to sit on top of the monkey bars and watch on a neighbour of the schools TV, although this was over the top of a fence and through a window I loved it and cheered every time I saw a fuzzy yellow hat come first. Although this was cool the clearest memory of this Olympiad was on the day of my 7th Birthday party when I watched the heats of the 100m track. Those races have stuck in my mind and from that day on I have wanted to represent Australia in the Olympics. At the start I wanted to be a sprinter, in my teenage years once I had taken up rowing I wanted to become a rower and now I want to be a cyclist.

As the years have gone past and I have matured and become an athlete myself I have found the Olympics more and more fascinating. For majority of sports that I can think of the Olympics is the pinnacle. The only exceptions I can think of are cycling with the Tour de France, soccer with the World Cup and tennis with the opens. Every other athlete prepares for 4 years to be at their best for the Olympics. Every athlete you see competing has lived, breathed and dreamed of Olympic gold night after night. All that hard work over the years comes down to this one event that for a lot of sports can be measured in minutes or even seconds of competition time. If they succeed they can call themselves the best in the world at their discipline and will be described for the next 4 years as the Olympic Champion. For those that fail in their dream they have to wait 4 years to have another shot. You have to love it.

Come on Aussie


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