Back on it


It was back on the bike for me on Monday. It was about two and a half weeks since my last race and I didn’t throw my leg over a bike in that time. I spent most of that time catching up with friends for coffee, lunch, breakfast, dinners, drinks or a combination of all the above. This has been awesome fun but has left me very tired, despite my fatigue I was still getting the itch to get back on the bike and do something.

At first I tried to scratch the itch by running. This is something I haven’t done for 7 months. It was great fun to be able to do this again, however, my muscles and joints didn’t appreciate it very much and it did little to quell the itch to get on the bike again.

I have a new job down in Willamstown working at Podium Bike Hub so on Monday I decided to ride into work. There was wind, rain and it was cold. Ah just like being back in Belgium. I even found myself riding in the gutter, force of habit, for the first half of the ride before I realised I could give myself some more room. I moved back to the gutter not long after to stay away from the traffic. It felt like I was pushing squares that day but it was great to be back and have that feeling in the legs and in the head. The next day I had off work, the weather was fantastic and the coffee fuelled lap I did down to Mordiallic (60km) and back along the beach felt a lot better. It is just so nice to be able to go for a relaxed ride with no stress and really enjoy the pleasure of being on the bike.

So my life is starting to settle down now and I am looking forward to getting back on the bike more and more and for longer in the next couple of weeks.



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