Team Podium Race report 20 november 2008


Date 20.11.08
Location : Drake Bvld.
Race: Footscray CC club crit.

Conditions : 25-35kph south westerly. Dry track.

A Grade
N. Sullivan – Did nothing – Rubbish

B Grade –            P. Meyers – Did nothing- Rubbish
A.     Trewin- Did nothing – Rubbish
M. Kennett – Did Nothing – Rubbish.

B Grade Assessment.
M. Kennett’s return to racing coincided with P. Meyers debut, led into battle by Veteran Trewin. Kennett on a borrowed bike, Myers $3 short on an entry fee and Trewin on a brand new look, Zipps and in my assessment 30kg below race weight.
Herbie looked resplendent for the first 20 laps, sitting on the front, a massive chubba in his pants, Kennett gave the boys a look into his tactical toolbox (see results above) and Trewin did an excellent job of mincing around the back showing everyone his wheels.

Looking good for the Bay Crits.

May have done a bit better if Longie had of rolled up with a box of stubbies for the after party.

Matt Kennett
E: T: +61 (0)419 376 897  F: +61 (0) 3 9397 3131
A: Factory 3/ 5 Techno Park Drive. Williamstown North. VICTORIA 3016 AUSTRALIA


One Response to “Team Podium Race report 20 november 2008”

  1. 1 Anonymous

    What, we’re expected to believe Herbie and Niggle did nothing?

    Pretty easy, actually.

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