Unfortunately this blog has turned into the typical pro’s blog that hardly ever gets updated. Sorry for that. I have been away from home and consequently away from a computer. Although that isn’t a very good excuse because there was plenty of time before Christmas when I had a chance to write an update. At the end of the day I have been too lazy, I apologize for that and I be doing a much better job from now on at keeping you all in the loop.


So summer is well and truly here. It is 30 something outside at the moment and I am stuck inside with an infection thanks to a crash that happened at the National Championships in Ballarat over a week ago. The crash ended a fairly frustrating weekend and was the second crash in a week. The first being on the last stage of the Bay Series Criteriums. Touch wood these are the last crashes for a fair while.


The lead up to Nationals started at Christmas. I was able to enjoy a really nice family one at home in Melbourne before heading down to Lorne on the coast to spend some quality time on the bike, on the beach and with my family. I enjoyed a really good block of training during this time. The mornings were spent on the bike with the afternoons spent on the beach. This isn’t ideal recovery but it is fantastic for the head. I went straight from Lorne to Willamstown for the first stage of the Bay Series Criteriums. I was riding for the same team as Robbie McEwen. The Series went pretty well with my form getting better stage-by-stage as I started to get used to the intensity after so much time of just riding long km’s. Robbie ended up 2nd overall, which was great for the team. Unfortunately for myself I crashed on the 3rd last lap of the last stage. It wasn’t very serious but like any crash it left bruising and some skin on the road.


I then had one day off before the National Time Trial Championships. To be blunt I had an absolute shocker and massively underperformed. Weather this was caused by the crash and the lack of sleep that that had caused, the new bike I had only had one ride on or because I hadn’t done any training for it I walked away extremely frustrated with myself and looking for revenge in the road race.


The road race was even worse. After about 4laps I was sitting pretty in the bunch with a small break up the road. The bunch as a whole had just sat up and everyone seemed to relax. Chatting, eating and drinking as we started the second part of the descent on the way to the finish line when the rider in front of me started to fall. I had nowhere to go and off I came. I lost a lot of skin and a big chunk of my elbow in the fall as well as damaging my shifter and rear derailleur. Out of the race for me. Hence why I am frustrated. If anything it is even a little worse at the moment because I am stuck inside.


The only positive I can see is that I got myself on TV thanks to the crash and my name mentioned by Phil Liggett.


So from here on in my first priority is to get my self-better. Actually I need to make a correction, my first priority is to get everything organised to head back overseas. The team has been confirmed and I can’t wait till I am back there. So my second priority is getting better and my third priority is getting fit and strong so I am ready on my return to Europe.




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