Welcome Back Mitch


I flew into Brussels yesterday and spent most of the day trying not to fall asleep so I could have a long sleep at night time in a bid to switch my body clock over to the new time zone as quickly as possible. The shock of climate was immediate stepping into 2degree Belgium sunshine. By the time I was home in little Booischot it was snowing. Welcome back Mitch.


I got news about a week ago that the team was probably going to be changing sponsors. Now I have been only riding in the “Big Bad World” of cycling for a year but I have already realised that the word “probably” is a long, long way from meaning definitely. However, now it is a definite. I will be riding for Cinelli-Down Under for the 09 season. The team has some new riders as well now including the infamous Frank Vandenbroucke. Because of Frank the team has been getting a huge amount of exposure in the Belgium media. This has meant that invitations from race organisers have come flooding in and means that the season starts o the 1st of March with Kurne-Brussels-Kurne, with no less than 8 ProTour teams. Welcome back Mitch.


Before all this happened it was looking like the racing program would stay the same as last year, which would mean a chance to consolidate on last year. However, this year will continue the trend of the past couple with another big step up. I was asked my Gil the team manager yesterday if I was nervous about the season and the races we will be doing and my honest reply was that I was very, very excited.


My form isn’t where I would have liked it to have been. This is due to the crash that I suffered at nationals and then the infection that developed. As a side note my elbow is still healing over a month on. Because of the enforced time off the bike I had due to these I am a bit under done. Hopefully this will play into my hands later in the season and it might not be a bad thing because I was maybe too far ahead in my preparations for the season.


I get my new Cinelli for the season on Monday so until then I will be borrowing a bike but wont be doing much while I recover from my jetlag. Mind you the reason this has been written at 6 in the morning is thanks to the jetlag.


Welcome Back Mitch


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