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The day may have been cold but at least the rain was staying away. The start in the city of Leuven is regarded as one of the most beautiful in cycling and added to my motivation levels.       The plan for Dan, Sven and me was to try and make the break. If […]

Brabanste Pijl=


Domestique for the Day

Brabantse Pijl


On the eve of Brabantse Pijl (translated as The Arrow of Brabant) I have began to think about where I have come from as a cyclist and how to win a bike race. Now for me to win on Saturday would mean being very very lucky and turning up and being on an awesome day […]


Back to School


Rule number 1 of Professional Cycling: Always ride at the front. Simple. If you are at the front you stay out of the way of crashes. If there are splits you are the right side of them. You use a lot less energy and power up the front if there are a lot of corners […]

What a crap day. Got taught a big lesson today.