Wanzele: A date with retribution.


Wanzele was my first race last year. To say I got my arse handed to myself last year was an understatement. Yesterday was a chance to redeem myself for last year. Having a good race would cleanse me of the weekends racing and show the improvement from last year.

This year the conditions were extremely nice compared to last year. Last year a storm was creating 80m/hr+ winds that ripped the peloton to shreds. This year there was very little wind. However, the 240 starters, the tight corners and small roads would mean that the race would be fast and raced from the front. Over here whenever you see pros warming up it is a clear sign that the race is going to be insanely fast. The nervousness of the pack was clear to see when every rider was 150m in front of the start line. The officials tried to move us behind the start line but we ended up 200m behind the start line.

The race started with a neutral section for the first 3km. Everyone behind the first 20 riders though didn’t even know it was a neutral it was done that quickly. I was right behind the car so I was fine. The first two hours was spent going in breaks and staying top. Hell of a good start compared to last year. After about 2hrs a break of 10 finally got away. I was right there but got blocked in when I was about to jump across to it.

At least this year I saw it go.

I am still not in great condition but in a few weeks I will be flying.

Sorry for no pictures I am having problems uploading them to this site


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