Dwars door Vlaanderen


Chavenel, Boonen, Devolder, Weylandt, Hoste, Roelandts, Van Avermaet, Kroon, Aversen, Eisel, Burghart, Pozzato, Mcwen, Steegmans, Forster, Knaven, Terpstra, Forster, Nuyens, Nardello, Hammond, Haussler, Cooke, Eeckhout, Omloop and Mitchell just to name a few names on the start list for Wednesdays Dwars door Vlaanderen.


One Response to “Dwars door Vlaanderen”

  1. 1 glenorourke

    At least you have the element of surprise up your sleeve.
    Have a great race and be inspired. The big guns should be saving there legs for Flanders. Boonen, cancelara, devolder or ballan ?

    I was on beach road today and there was guy wearing your team kit !
    I thought it was you at first.

    Go well !
    ouch! lance and oGrady !
    sty rubber side down.
    thanks for the updates keep them coming.

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