Windburn-Brabantse Pijl.


The day may have been cold but at least the rain was staying away. The start in the city of Leuven is regarded as one of the most beautiful in cycling and added to my motivation levels.


Start Line

Start Line



The plan for Dan, Sven and me was to try and make the break. If that failed I was to stay with Frank. Basically that means getting keeping him out of the wind and getting anything that he needed.

Despite being in a position to see the first real break go I missed it. Silence Lotto weren’t in it and so drove the pace to the point where we did 50km in the first hour, which was fast enough to bring the first break back. Again I was in the right position to see the second break back but again I missed it. I am not at the level where I can go in attack after attack in a race like Dwars door Vlaanderen or Brabantse Pijl. Hell I am not at the level where I can launch my own attack in a race like those.

With me failing to achieve my first goal I went back and found Frankie. Most of the team where taking turns in looking after him but it still meant a lot of time in the wind.

I was able to stay with him for a long time but the climbs on the finishing laps were taking there toll on me. Every climb I was starting near the front and then drop back through the bunch before dropping down the other side as fast as I could and move up as far as I could before the next climb started. This does mean you start every climb with lactic in your legs but I am not climbing well enough at the moment to do it any other way.

With two and a half laps to go I was dropped on the climb and despite going at over 90km/hr on the descent didn’t get back onto the bunch. Despite not finishing the race I did do a good job and at the end of the day this sport is all about doing your job well.


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