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Yes this is a pointless post but considering this is the place that sustains me I thought I should share it with you. Luckily enough the bakery is less than 50m away from the house so it is a short ride by townie to get there. The bakery has the potential to ruin a cycling […]

When it rains it usually isn’t windy. Yesterday rain fell from the skies and apparently for the first time in 20 years Nord Holland was raced in still conditions. The rain did however, mean that the race was stretched out and broke apart early thanks to the frequency of corners (on slippery bricks) and two […]

The team is off to race Nord Holland tomorrow. Now I know I talk about what racing in The Netherlands is like, I probably talk about it too much but racing there is so different and shocking compared to everywhere else that I feel like I have to make mention of it. Mentally racing in […]

I have never been one to sit back and enjoy a result. Straight away I am already thinking about the next one. Analysing what I did wrong and right and then applying that to my next race. Very rarely do I sit back and enjoy the feeling of a result. Riding home from the race […]




I hate to say it but I had very little motivation to race today, I would have much preferred to have stayed home and watched Amstel Gold on TV. We rode the 40km to the race and the whole way there I was looking to the skies wishing for rain to come so I could […]