Being Sick Sucks


Being sick sucks. My sinuses have an infection so I am now on antibiotics. This means a very frustrating time for me as I wait till I get better. All I want to do is train and race and what I have to do is force myself to rest.

I have never been good at resting in fact it is possibly my biggest weakness as an athlete. So now I am spending the day watching the biggest race in Belgian cycling. The Tour of Flanders.


Tour of Flanders travels through a town

Tour of Flanders travels through a town


To most people who follow cycling from English speaking countries Paris-Roubaix is the biggest classic. If you ask anyone from Flanders they will tell you that Ronde van Vlaanderen is the biggest race of the year. Even bigger than The Tour. Every Flemish boy will grow up dreaming of victory in the Ronde after charging up the Muur.


The passion the people have for the race is displayed in the numbers that line the roads and the cobbled climbs. Weather would never deter them. The beer flows freely and the volume rises. I would give anything to race it.


Crowds on the Muur

Crowds on the Muur


This week I have been asked by every person I have met if I am racing this Sunday. They have a mixture of disappointment and pride when I respond that The Ronde is too hard for someone like me.

This race holds a special place in the Flemish peoples heart and it now holds a special place in mine.


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