Kermesse Racing-Day 2


I hate to say it but I had very little motivation to race today, I would have much preferred to have stayed home and watched Amstel Gold on TV. We rode the 40km to the race and the whole way there I was looking to the skies wishing for rain to come so I could turn around and ride home. For some reason I was grumpy at everyone as well so was trying to stay last wheel in our little group and not talk to anyone.


The race started and with less wind than the day before it was a much more relaxed start. I was marking some of the other riders that were on GC and hiding in the bunch until the last 55km. I had to cover a few moves before that point but my legs were feeling good. With 55km to go I started attacking, which I kept up for the rest of the race.

With 30km to go I attacked with no one on my wheel. I new it was a stupid move straight away but me being the guy I am I was too pig headed to get bought back to the bunch easily so I had my head down and teeth gritted until the 15km to go mark when I was once more in the fold. I thought that was pretty much it for me thinking that my legs wouldn’t have a kick in them anymore. With 10km to go the bunch split with a group of 30 riders starting to move away. Without thinking I went for it and rode across. With 6km I saw an opportunity and attacked with three others over the top of a hill. The group didn’t stay away for long but it had strung out the bunch.


With about 3km to go Tommy Nankervis (team mate and sprinter) attacked through a corner with me on his wheel. Two others came with us. Both of us had to drive it in the cross wind with the pack breathing down our neck and the other two for some reason not willing to work. On the last corner I hit the front to lead out the sprint for Tommy. Unfortunately his run was checked and ended up missing the win in a photo finish.

I ended up 4th on the stage and with my 6th place from the day before ended up 2nd on GC. First trophy I have won in Europe so I am closer to the win but still not quiet there yet. Finally though I have something to show for my good legs, I was getting sick of saying I was going well and was having good races and had nothing to show for it.


One Response to “Kermesse Racing-Day 2”

  1. 1 H-train

    Good work little cobba… this will hopefully be the start of a very sexy cycling resume.

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