Moving On and Cycling Caps


I have never been one to sit back and enjoy a result. Straight away I am already thinking about the next one. Analysing what I did wrong and right and then applying that to my next race. Very rarely do I sit back and enjoy the feeling of a result.

Riding home from the race on Sunday with a trophy in my back pack I was already thinking about how good the weekend was for training. After a well earned break on Monday I was back into it with 200km in the Ardennes on Tuesday and a split session yesterday.

Group Training

Group Training

Group Training

Group Training

Now I was originally going to continue this blog with some lessons on how to wear cycling kit properly and fashionably. However, fashion tips coming from me is a bit hypocritical. I have always been behind the times and to tell you the truth I don’t really care. When I first became a cyclist I was on a aluminium Giant OCR3 with Shimano Sora. The bike looked like shit and after a year and a bit of abuse from me the bar tape was everywhere and, the chain looked awful and I had the worst mix of cycling clothing ever. A lot of riders gave me shit about it and that just gave me an excuse to rip some legs off. The bike came with a fully adjustable stem that used to flex so much that when I was out of the saddle it was going through a 180degree arc.

It did the job though and it is still going today. Moral of the story is I shouldn’t pretend to be fashionable. Never have been, never will be.

However, I do love cloth cycling caps. Back in the good old days when you didn’t wear a helmet during races and the only thing you wore was a cloth cap or less riders used to start races to win and to see who could have the most amount of height and still keep it on for the race. If you lost the cap in the process that was all part of looking cool. If you could get the angle and height right the hat would stay on just from the wind. Many riders even put a pair of socks under the cap to make sure they had appropriate height. 


Tommy Nankervis displaying Hat Height

Tommy Nankervis displaying Hat Height





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