The Day Before Nord Holland


The team is off to race Nord Holland tomorrow. Now I know I talk about what racing in The Netherlands is like, I probably talk about it too much but racing there is so different and shocking compared to everywhere else that I feel like I have to make mention of it.

Mentally racing in The Netherlands is very hard. You have to be alert and ready to race from the first kilometre. The wind, small roads, use of bike paths in the race and obstacles (form fuckers) mean that you are in a constant fight to be at the front.

What really gets to you is the fact it is flat out and the pace never lets up. How do you get your head around going flat out for 200km and your head focused for 4-5hrs?

Last year I struggled and struggled to get my head around the racing and what in essence is a battle. After 12months I have got it and now I love it….


One Response to “The Day Before Nord Holland”

  1. 1 The Avid Born2Ride Blog Reader

    Congratulations Nick Mitchell. 12 months of struggling and now you have got it and love it, what a rush! Nothing quite like it. Don’t let up because every race will make your next.

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