Just another race


When it rains it usually isn’t windy. Yesterday rain fell from the skies and apparently for the first time in 20 years Nord Holland was raced in still conditions. The rain did however, mean that the race was stretched out and broke apart early thanks to the frequency of corners (on slippery bricks) and two sections of cobbles within the first 50km.

After the first passage over the cobbles there was a front group of 20 riders. I had made the selection due to good position more than anything else but that is how you have to race in The Netherlands. The race came back together about 30min later with a big bunch catching up once we hit the dijks. This would usually be where the race gets really hard but thanks to there being no wind we were able to relax through this pass of the race. There was also not a hill in sight yet we managed 400m of climbing for the day. Up and down dijks really adds up.


Me and Peter at the start of Drenthe

Me and Peter at the start of Drenthe


The race had a huge number of form f!@&ers and I saw a number of crashes that I would rather forget. I had good legs all the whole 225km (including the neutral) but ended up with nothing to show for it. That’s racing. As a team we are starting to get our lead out going but we still aren’t quiet perfecting it. Soon it will click. 


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