Maybe I am Human…


Now I have talked about form fuckers before (sorry for swearing) well one got me yesterday. The pack had come out of a corner and we were flat out single file all I could see was the guy in front of me and nothing else. Suddenly I saw the rider two in front of me turn side ways across my field of vision after hitting one of four yellow cones designed to slow traffic down. Dust and small rocks were in the air. The rider was Tommy (his speedo was reading 55.5km/hr at the time of the crash) my teammate and roommate.

Everything was in slow motion for me at this point. The rider from Profel went straight over Tommy and his bike and hit the deck breaking his bike into three pieces. Tommy was still sliding on the deck and not even having a chance to hit the breaks I hit him in the small of his back.

I was airborne, my bike was as well, and before I knew it I had hit the ground shoulder first. The pain was immediate. From here on it goes a bit fuzzy. Apparently I did a tumble on the ground before standing straight up. I must of sat straight back down because I remember hugging my arm to my chest and then lying down again before I past out from the pain. I was helped to the footpath where someone asked me the stupid question “are you going to keep going?”

“Nah, I don’t think so mate.” Before lying down and nearly passing out again.

Once the ambulance arrived and took me to the hospital the pain was starting to subside. I was starting to think that maybe I was human and my bones could actually break. During the x-rays the pain was back as I was nearly passing out again. At this time I was convinced I was human and I had broken something.

As it has turned out I haven’t broken anything but the pain is still really bad so there is something wrong so it is off to the specialist on Monday for another examination. So the question of wether I am human or not is still up in the air.

The crash has meant I have lost skin on my ankle, knee, hip, right and left elbows (right elbow needed stitches), shoulder, minor concussion and a shoulder that can’t be moved.

Fortunately Tommy was okay only receiving a lot of minor grazes. Being the tough guy that he is he is back on the bike again today. Fortunately he didn’t do any major damage to his face because his fiancée is coming to Belgium tomorrow for a month. As we both lay on the side of the road he was asking me over and over again wether his face looked okay. I told him it actually looked better than it did before the crash.

The really disappointing thing was the team was racing incredibly well up until me and Tommy went down. It is amazing what seeing a team mate crash can do to the moral of a team and every team mate I spoke to after the race that saw it happen said they felt like they had their legs cut off.

Fingers crossed I am back on the bike soon.


4 Responses to “Maybe I am Human…”

  1. 1 Hard

    I think you should just harden the f’ck up!

  2. 2 amos, now wade…lets stop crashing.

  3. 3 ifeellikealittlekidwheniride

    Hope you have a quick recovery mate.

  4. 4 Morgs

    I always knew you hard a really hard head….it was the rest of you that I was worried about.

    Hoping you guys all recover quickly so you can get back out there doing what you love!!

    Peace and lots of ash love,

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