Black Weekend for Team Cinelli-DownUnder


Crashing is part of being a cyclist. You either except the fact you are going to crash or you hang up your bike and walk away from the sport. When you crash you lose skin, if it’s bad you break bones. An example of a bad crash was what happened to me on Friday. I really should have broken a bone.

When we first heard about the crash that heard about that happened yesterday involving Michael and Wade during the Ronde van Overijsse it appeared to be a normal crash. However, this quickly changed and we found out that a crash that happened at 30km/hr was much more serious. Wade was apparently in serious trouble.

At the moment he is going well and is out of intensive care and should be transported back to Belgium in the next couple of days. Crashes are never meant to end up like this. The shock of having a mate in serious trouble has been a massive one. The entire teams thoughts are going out to him at the moment and his quick recovery.

I am not sure what else to say on the matter. I not even sure if this should be published.


One Response to “Black Weekend for Team Cinelli-DownUnder”

  1. 1 LindsayS

    I’m glad you published this. I’ve been up since I read on yesterday that Wade was in a coma! I’ve been searching constantly since then as well on updates, and it feels better to hear that he’s doing better from someone who actually knows him. Keep all of Wade’s fans back here in Texas updated.

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