The Operation-The Plan and The Come Back


Sitting and waiting for an operation by yourself is not the best idea for someone with an overly imaginative mind like myself to do. By the time they came to get me I was more worried about missing the last 30km of the Giro d’Italia’s most exciting stage so far than what was about to happen.

My Surgeon was Dr. Lenders who is one of the best around so I was very confident in what he was going to do.

I woke up and it was dark outside I was so out of it and for the rest of the night felt like I was awake and asleep for the whole time. I knew I should at least text some family and friends that I was okay but I didn’t have the mental or physical capacities to do this. That would have to wait for morning. Meanwhile a storm raged outside. My mind, which was still foggy from the aesthetic and the painkillers, was mesmerized by the lightning that was lighting up the debris and rain that were flying across my window. I actually thought the street was on fire.

The surgery ended up taking two hours. Two screws were placed in my Tibia, my ankle joint was opened up and cleaned out and my Fibula which was the worst damaged now has a plate and 7 screws holding it together. I have another operation in two weeks to remove the screws in the Tibia, however I will be keeping the plate for life. Dan has started calling me “Bunnings.” (One of Australian’s biggest chains of Hard Wear Stores)



Luckily EuroSport had a replay of the Giro the morning after the op so I was able to watch the finish of the stage.


The battle now is keeping mobility in my ankle. After the second operation I start physio to regain movement in the ankle. It will be 6 weeks until I can put any weight on my leg which will be the exact time I get back on a bike again and get into the gym.

If anyone has advice on what I can do to help my rehab/maintain some fitness please let me know.


One Response to “The Operation-The Plan and The Come Back”

  1. 1 Matt K

    When they remove the screw, get the doc to lop off one of your nuts and sign up for chemo for the rest of the season. A few well placed courses of CERA (to help with the chemo of course)
    Bingo-Bango, bit of pre-season in the alps and I think you’d be a genuine tour contender.
    Don’t waste the rest of the season on the one legged spin bike munching carrot sticks.

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