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Gullegem Pre Race from Nico from Nick Mitchell on Vimeo. Advertisements

Going for my first swim last night was the first exercise I have done since I broke my leg and with the endorphins still fresh in my system I had an awesome session with my physio. I am now allowed to partially weight bare and go a little further with my ankle mobility exercises as […]

Monday marked the day when the dressings could off the incisions made during the operation and I could have a shower that involved me standing normally. I am still not allowed to put weight on my foot but at least I can get my leg wet. This means I no longer have to have my […]

My new boot


My new boot After seeing the doctor yesterday there isn’t a huge amount extra to report. He took my staples out and I got my new boot. It was good to see that there wasn’t any infection. My leg is now in a boot that acts just like the cast but can be removed. Fantastic […]

Still Racing


Even if the leg is broken the will to race is still well and truly there.  Within one week of breaking my leg I was looking for a challenge. The course was decided upon the finish line marked the watch made ready. The course started and finished in front of the TV and went through […]



Gullegem was Tom Boonen’s first race back from a short break from racing thanks to a positive control for cocaine use. That combined with beautiful weather and the Flemish public made for an awesome atmosphere.        

Back Home


After talks with team management, family and my insurance company I flew home for Melbourne. Being around family and friends and away from bike riding during my recovery and rehabilitation is in all likely hood the best thing for me. The flight came very quickly. My insurance company called at 2am saying I was on […]