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After talks with team management, family and my insurance company I flew home for Melbourne. Being around family and friends and away from bike riding during my recovery and rehabilitation is in all likely hood the best thing for me.

The flight came very quickly. My insurance company called at 2am saying I was on a flight for 11am that morning which for a normal person would be no big deal but for me operating on one leg and with nothing even half packed made the next couple of hours a bit difficult.

So with my luggage packed all that was left was a 22hr or transit to Melbourne. I got to experience Business Class for the first and most likely last time, yet still I wonder how I will ever deal with Economy again.

I have been home for three days now and I was pretty sure up until now that I hadn’t forgotten anything that I need. Woops forgot about my pedals. Oh well, I cant use them for another 4 weeks anyway.

I see a specialist this week, receive a new cast, book in for surgery and start physio on my ankle. The biggest problem I am likely to face in the coming weeks is regaining movement and range in my ankle. I will also try and start doing some work (not sure where or what yet) purely because I cant face doing nothing for much longer. Free time and I aren’t getting on well. Having said that it has been great seeing friends and family again.


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