Still Racing


Even if the leg is broken the will to race is still well and truly there.  Within one week of breaking my leg I was looking for a challenge. The course was decided upon the finish line marked the watch made ready. The course started and finished in front of the TV and went through the lounge room towards the kitchen and then through the garage and ended up back in front of the TV.

Kea, Chris’ girlfriend, was off first and set an early time of just under 30sec. Tom Snape was able to lower it to 25sec before I took to the course. I had more experience than anyone else after training on the crutches for a week but I was worried that I may have been a bit over trained. I was pumped when I set the new best time of 18.3sec. Matty was up next and made it a close run thing coming in at 19.1sec.

No one else was able to get any closer despite some cheating from some of the boys. I feel that I have perfected my technique now and I am willing to take on anyone.

In other news I am off to the Doc on Friday and begin my physio shortly after.


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