Having a real shower- well kind of


Monday marked the day when the dressings could off the incisions made during the operation and I could have a shower that involved me standing normally. I am still not allowed to put weight on my foot but at least I can get my leg wet. This means I no longer have to have my leg wrapped in plastic while sitting in a chair (method I used whilst in Belgium) or standing on one leg with the other one outside of the shower (method used in Australia). This is a big relief to me as I can actually enjoy the showering again.

Strange looking leg in the shower

Strange looking leg in the shower

This week has seen a number of firsts. Not only did I have my first shower, I went to a proper job for the first time in months. The boys at Podium Bike Hub have opened Podium Bike Hub version 2.0 in Clarendon st, South Melbourne and I am now working there a couple of days a week serving customers. I am not the best advertisement for the safe and healthy sport that is cycling but as far as I am concerned it is a good thing that I am out of the house doing something other than going to the coffee shop.

One of the new scars

One of the new scars

I also had my first session with the physio this week. I was expecting a lot of pain. To my surprise it was actually nice and by the time she had finished with my leg was feeling so much better thanks to her massaging a lot of the crap (blood and who knows what else) out of the ankle and calf. Speaking of calves my once small left calf is now non-existent.

The long scar

The long scar

So from here on I continue with my ankle exercises to help regain mobility in the ankle. I should be in the pool within a couple of days. I just have to wait for the cuts in my leg to heal a bit more. Within in another week I will begin partial weight bearing and once I get enough mobility in my ankle I will be pushing a 39×23 on a wind trainer with flat pedals.

Sorry to bore you all. I should have a couple of videos up from some races and life inside a team within a couple of days once the upgrade to this blog goes through so stay tuned for something a little bit more interesting.


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  1. 1 Magoo

    Last Friday or Saturday in The Age I read about an Essendon footballer, Andrew Welsh who broke his fibula, tore ligaments and broke his ankle back in February earlier this year. You might like to have a look at the article yourself. It outlined his rehab process etc. Was very interesting. He tried a number of activities which certainly accelerated his recovery. He has played the last couple of weeks in the VFL and seems to be progressing well. THought you might get a little solace from his story. Let me know how you’re going.

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