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This week marked the first week I have gone back a little. After starting cycling and walking last week my ankle has experienced a lot of swelling. So the instructions from my physio for this week are to back off a little and try and control the swelling. I have been testing my power out […]



200w left leg and 250w right leg. A ways to go but we have a starting point.

Tommy Nankervis is a teammate and my ex roommate. Ex because I have had to take an extended holiday from cycling. Tom is currently the Oceania Champion and is former National Champion on the Track. Lets find out what got Tommy into cycling, his road from track to the cobbles of Europe and what makes […]

Raoul’s Bike


It has been an awesome experience to deal with Raoul Luescher. He is a pretty amazing guy and the things that he can do are even better. I got to see his personal bike, which, according to him he wasn’t even trying to make light so I suppose 7.06kg for a bike with pedals, spare […]

SLAM action #2


SLAM in action


After the all clear from The Doc on Monday arvo and the most important all clear from my physio on Tuesday morning I was pumped to start riding. The plan is to have my power outputs tested every Tuesday on both legs using the SLAM pedals ( This is going to give good data on […]