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Vichte done and dusted. Legs hurt a lot over the first lap as I cleared the lactic but felt better as the race went on. Happy that I could help Peter get into the break. Now we will see how I am tomorrow. Advertisements



Complete about face today. Friday I was swapping off with Mancebo and tore my lungs apart in the process. Today I was swapping off with Boonen (less than a week out from worlds) and felt awesome. Hopefully I can back up tomorrow for Vichte, Wednesday in Lichtervelde and Saturday in Tinnen.

I wish this was true for me. However, I am not Lance and I am chasing cheap form and I knew that sooner or later I would have a really bad day on the bike. That was yesterday. The Championship of Flanders also known as Koolskamp is a tough race with a lot of big […]

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So back in Belgium and racing on the bike path like they only do in Belgium. Every inch and then some of road is used when you race over here and so anyway to move up is used wether that be dive bombing the corner, racing on the footpath or riding on someone’s front lawn […]



After coming back to Belgium and getting the initial shock of racing on footpaths again (like only the Belgians can do) and now getting over my writers block I have been finally able to finish this blog. I have been trying to write this blog for a few weeks now. I still don’t feel I […]