After coming back to Belgium and getting the initial shock of racing on footpaths again (like only the Belgians can do) and now getting over my writers block I have been finally able to finish this blog. I have been trying to write this blog for a few weeks now. I still don’t feel I have done a good job on it but I really wanted this out there.


I sit here and firmly believe that breaking my leg could be the best thing for my career as a cyclist and in general as a person. I have been in full training since I was 18 (admitably two different sports) and have had no longer than a couple of weeks away from that training at a time. So firstly the forced rest has been great for my mind and soul. The rest was also a time for reflection and allowed me to reconfirm my goals and my commitment to reaching them.

What was the biggest shock was the people who I met when I was home and the influence and continuing influence they are having and are going to have on my career and life.

The Muur de Geraardsbergen (Geraardsbergen pro Kermesse)

The Muur de Geraardsbergen (Geraardsbergen pro Kermesse)

Geraardsbergen- Cycling Holy Land

Geraardsbergen- Cycling Holy Land

Let me introduce you to Mark McGrath, Tim Altman, Drew Ginn and Raoul Luscher. This is also where it gets hard for me because how do you do justice to these kind of guys.

I have been friends with Tim Altman for a while and at the end of last year he introduced me to Bioeffective A, B and I. I used all three products in the lead up to The National Championships and I am still using them at the moment in order to maximise my immune, digestive and cardiovascular systems. When I was home Tim took a closer look at my diet and we have now in the process of refining my diet. Tim also introduced me to a gentleman by the name of Mark McGrath.

Mark is a specialist in movement. It’s hard for me to explain exactly what he does but the awareness I gained from my time with him was incredible. Through numerous exercises and treatment Mark began the process of reconstructing my movement patterns. Because I pushed so hard to get back on the bike and back moving again I was left with numerous imbalances and my body had learnt new patterns to get through these imbalances. These new imbalances are on top of all the other injuries I have had over the years. Changing my “normal” movement and breathing patterns to the “right” patterns will make a huge gain in efficiency.

I have already noticed big improvements in my pedalling and balance on the bike.

Crowds in Geraardsbergen

Crowds in Geraardsbergen

Now that we have dealt with the body let’s deal with the soul.

Drew Ginn has been an influence in my life since 2002 when he started coaching me in rowing when I was still at school. He was not just a rowing coach but taught me so much about who I was and as corny as it sounds about life. Since then he has continued to have a great impact in my life and continues to challenge the choices I take and forces me to give everything to my goal of cycling.

The last piece of the puzzle is the machine.

Raoul Luescher is the one stop shop if you want the most from your machine and anything behind it. Two of his products I was using while I was home were the SLAM pedals and the high kinetic energy trainer. In particular the SLAM pedals created a great benefit for me. What I am really excited about is tapping his brain on aerodynamic positioning and custom made shoes.

SLAM in action

SLAM in action

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