“I now have only good days or great days.” Lance Armstrong


I wish this was true for me. However, I am not Lance and I am chasing cheap form and I knew that sooner or later I would have a really bad day on the bike. That was yesterday.

The Championship of Flanders also known as Koolskamp is a tough race with a lot of big teams and big riders. I was extremely motivated and had felt in the past couple of days and races that I had turned a corner mentally and physically and was ready to attack the race.

crossing a gap

crossing a gap

After a short neutral section I found myself right at the front of the bunch when the flag was dropped and found myself following the very first attack of the day from Francisco Paco Mancebo. It was me and him swapping off using only the 53×11 and the 53×12. The attack last about 15km but the damage it did to me was massive. My lungs were destroyed and so were my legs.

There was not that much crosswind but there was enough to force the race onto the footpath and into the gutter during many of the straight sections of road. This meant that the bunch was splitting and reforming, which, caused me to go deep on a number of occasions to close these gaps.

A brief respite under brakes into a corner

A brief respite under brakes into a corner

After a couple of hours I couldn’t make my legs turn any faster or push the pedals any harder and I watched the wheel in front of me dissapear up the road.

Cheap form comes when you have no base. It comes quick but it leaves even quicker. I am hoping it was a bad day and I will be good for my last couple of races.

Looking back now the race was a great experience because I got to be off the front with a guy that has finished top 5 in both The Vuelta and The Tour.

Steven de Jongh wins

Steven de Jongh wins


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