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Getting back on the bike has been harder than I thought it would be. The combination of bad weather and lack of time has meant that my riding has been more sporadic than I would have liked it too have been. Having said that if I really wanted to be on the bike I would […]

Franky Boy


I don’t pretend to be Frank’s best friend but I feel honored to have known him and had a season where he advised me and helped me out. I didn’t listen to everything he told me but the fact he was willing to take the time to care about me and my riding shows his […]

After reading a number of reports this morning it appears that Frank has died. I hope that in death he finds the peace he couldn’t find in life.

Season Over


The Season is done and dusted now so it is time to reflect and take stock on what has happened, plan for the future and recharge the batteries for next season. What could have been a season left in tatters has recovered to be described at worst as mixed and as best as positive. I […]