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This isn’t my best or most articulate blog but regardless here it is. First things first. I made a mistake in my last post. Australia is not untitled to have ten riders. That is an old rule that no longer applies. Now that we have that out of the way we can talk about the […]

Robbie McEwen has announced via Twitter that he is not one of the┬áten riders that will make up the Australian road race team for the 2010 World Championships to be held in less than 40 days. “I won’t be at Worlds in Geelong. Not selected. Don’t know who the nine are but know I’m not. […]

Contender or Pretender? Do you like the idea of it more than you actually like it? It can be anything. To me as an athlete it is athlete. I as a person feel that I am defined by testing myself and finding my limits. I feel I enjoy pain and pushing my limits. Right now […]

The following video brought home two ideas to me. As you climb a tree you often find that in trying to reach or find the top you head off on a branch, which, although higher is also narrower and more precarious. Certainly there is a greater risk of falling off (I have numerous times) when […]