Climbing the Tree


The following video brought home two ideas to me. As you climb a tree you often find that in trying to reach or find the top you head off on a branch, which, although higher is also narrower and more precarious. Certainly there is a greater risk of falling off (I have numerous times) when you are on the branch. Often the view from the branch will daunt us and we move back to the trunk and safety. However, once we reach the trunk the road up seems safer and more secure. We reach the same height that we did on the branch and keep going up until we find another branch and repeat the process.

Going backwards to go forwards

I have seen this time and again in my life from racing to computer games.

The other idea is that you have to let go. Relax, be in the moment and most of all don’t tense up.

I love the quote where the guy talks about how they reached a point where flying away from the cliff became boring. He needed to climb higher.


One Response to “Climbing the Tree”

  1. 1 John

    By pushing your limits you are challenging yourself to learn the skills needed to extend your limit. You are also training your mind to accept the possibility of things that you once feared impossible. This can also be applied to everything else in life- as well as trees and base jumping and bikes! This clip is incredible, thanks for sharing Nick.

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