Back in Business – Part 1


The past 18 months have been rocky. They have involved a number of false starts and many ups and downs. None of that counts for much now because I am back in Europe to race until October for Marco Polo Pro Cycling.

Throughout the season I will be based in Geleen, The Netherlands and from there I will be racing in at least France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Serbia and China.

Over the season I plan to share with you thoughts, emotions and experience that occur and over the next few weeks I plan to share my journey over the past year and a half.

However, before I talk about what has happened I will talk about the present.

It all came together last week and before I had a chance to digest what was about to happen I had booked a ticket and straight away went into organisational mode. Luckily there wasn’t much to organise. Unfortunately that left me with time to think. Time to think isn’t a bad thing but in this time it hit me that what I had been working for, for so long was about to happen. I was going back to Europe to race. This was incredibly exciting in the next instant it had turned into “I am going away from my family and friends that have supported me for so long for nearly 7 months.” All of the doubts, fears, nerves, hopes and dreams that had been locked up were released.

It was an incredible experience and what shone through was my desire to compete, ride and explore.

So with that I downed a good Melbourne coffee (strong latte from Zappa in South Melbourne) and rode beach road on my Parlee Z5 (with my Enve 1.65’s) for the last time. Saying goodbye to both was hard. Saying goodbye to those that have supported me was harder (The Parlee belongs in both categories).



Coffee Euro Style

After two long flights and the reaffirmation that I will always pick the worst queue at customs. The absence of queue picking skill combined with fatigue and natural competitiveness weighs heavily on ones patience. But I had made it. I was back in the heartland of cycling. Belgium.

Parlee Z5, SRAM Red, Enve wheels wrapped in Veloflex rubber, 3T, FSA and Prologo finish it off

From the airport I was taken to the team house, where, six of the teams riders will be based. The house, which, is more like a dormitory comprises two Ethiopians, one Malaysian, one Chinese, one Czech, and one Australian. The thought of living and racing with so many cultures was daunting. Despite the small issue of language the experience so far has been awesome.

Xing Yan Dong stocking up at the super market after a hard 4.5hr ride in the wind

The original plan was for me to race the next day. 230km of racing in the gutter of a Dutch road is a good cure for jet lag but the plan was changed and I had to deal with my jet lag in the standard ways.

I now have my new bike, Cervelo R5, and I am preparing and dialling in my position for my first race this weekend.

The bottom of the Cauberg. Look closely at the sign. Riding this climb reaffirmed how good Gerro and especially Gilbert are

Untitled from Nick Mitchell on Vimeo.

The race is know as Hoboken and is run in and around the city of Antwerp. It is race that I have started twice, finished once and crashed heavily twice. Third time lucky.

So I will leave you with the thought that I will have in my head this Sunday.

“In order to finish first. First you have to finish.”

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Team and Supporters:

Marco Polo

Cycling Edge

Pavel says "Stay rubber side down."


6 Responses to “Back in Business – Part 1”

  1. 1 marty

    Hey Nick

    I have a mate who is a lawyer. He is 49. He is a sport nut; loves cricket, running marathons and especially the Hawthorn football club. Last October, after a 20 minute run he suffered a stroke, his son the only one home to pick him up and ring the ambulance. He remains paralysed on one side, his speech is slurred and his responses somewhat disconnected. He cannot work.

    Last week he said, ‘All my life now has gone as I know it’.

    Nick, dream your dreams, do everything in your power to experience as much as you can, even push to those limits where you didn’t think you could go. As a young pro rider you still don’t know – but it is all opportunity. Things can change quickly as this lawyer friend of mine has begun to realise. It has changed for us too as we wheel him around places and talk with him.

    Enjoy. Go for it!

  2. 2 Mick Young

    Mitchy!! Good luck mate. Unleash the beast… and make them hurt….

    I’m living vicariously through your endeavours…. as is Pappy and the Captain!

  3. 3 Rog

    Hey Mitchy, mate I couldn’t agree with Marty more! Life changes so fast and often not for the better! Race hard champ and enjoy the experience!

  4. 4 Cam & Linc


    Best of luck with racing! We’ll be missing your shop visits and general views on life and bike racing anecdotes! At least with the blog we can keep up to date.. except the difference will be we’ll be drinking the good coffee and you wont!

    Keep it touch!

    Cam & Linc from BG

  5. 5 Vladimir

    Mitchy, enjoy your stay and ride in my beautiful Serbia! I’ll be in Belgrade just two days after the last stage and finish in Belgrade!! What a pitty!! I’ll miss to see you and say hello and well done!! Good luck thru Europe season and see you back in Melbourne.


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