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Don’t Speed


Yesterday, after a hard week of training, I raced my first Dutch Crit. Firstly it has been so nice to race with a group of guys the genuinely love to race and ride bikes. We are starting to race well as a team and understand where our strengths and weakness are as individuals and as […]

I found cycling very late in life. I didn’t start watching The Tour until I was 17. Since then I have fallen in love with the sport. Very early on I started to fall for the monuments and the country that encapsulated cycling. It’s heartland. Belgium and in particular Flanders. The weather, the races and […]

Over the past week I was welcomed back to Belgium in the only way that Belgium could. Fast and hard Kermesse racing. Tomorrow sees the trend continue with The Heist op den Berg Pro Kermesse. Heist op den Berg is 10km from my old home in Belgium so it is a home race of sorts […]

Measure Twice


De Ronde van Overijssel put me back in my place in a big way. My legs are good at the moment but RvO was a lesson in riding in the front. A mix of bike handling, confidence, courage and leg strength are all required to stay at the front in a race like RvO. To […]

My thoughts and prayers go out to Wouter Weylandt’s family and friends. He was one of my favourite riders to watch. I had a lot or respect for him as a rider and aspired to be the professional he was. Accidents like this should never happen. Crashes are part of cycling but death should never […]

Today will be spent preparing for tomorrow’s Ronde van Overijssel. Cleaning my bike, shaving legs, stretching, packing my race bag and watching a movie. De Ronde van Overijssel has a lot of left and rights and a few short climbs through the Dutch countryside. There isn’t meant to be much wind. However, there doesn’t need […]

Sunday saw me take part in my first race in Europe. Hoboken is a typical Belgium race that starts and finishes in Hoboken just outside of Antwerp. Lot’s of left and rights, bad roads, some cobble stones and enough wind to spice things up. Luckily the sun was shinning so despite some wind the race […]