Ronde van Overijssel


Today will be spent preparing for tomorrow’s Ronde van Overijssel. Cleaning my bike, shaving legs, stretching, packing my race bag and watching a movie. De Ronde van Overijssel has a lot of left and rights and a few short climbs through the Dutch countryside. There isn’t meant to be much wind. However, there doesn’t need to be much.

For anyone interested check out how many corners there are via the Technical Guide.

Last night I participated in a race at the local track (on road bikes) to get some speed in the legs before I have to sprint out of corner after corner tomorrow. I ended up having a good race. My legs felt better with every passing lap. I ended up winning a two up sprint after we had lapped the field. For my effort a lovely bunch of flowers.

Flowers for 1st

Three years ago, like a true pro, I sold my first euro victory speech. Although no one would consider my win a big win it is none the less a win and therefore I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart Will Randles, Jared Otto, Nick Edwards, David Fraumano and Drew Coughlan. With out their support and advice I would have never achieved this win. Thank you guys.

In all seriousness the money they paid for the speech enabled me to get overseas for the first time in 2008. Without that I wouldn’t be here today.


One Response to “Ronde van Overijssel”

  1. 1 spiro

    Love your work Mitchy.

    Great to get the first one under the belt early. big congrats.

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