A Hard Day at the Office


I have been trying to write a blog for the past few weeks. And by trying I mean thinking about.

Over a week ago the team and I raced The Lede Pro Kermesse. I had the kind of day every cyclists dreads. It’s commonly know as a “bad day” and for me the symptoms were: aching back, blocked legs, crook gut and an unresponsive heart.

The Lion of Flanders blowing in the “Belgium Breeze”

After two laps (20km) I wanted to pull off and have an early shower. Instead I grovelled, pushed big gears and tried to help teammates where I could.

Then it started to rain. And I grovelled, pushed big gears and tried to help teammates. I wanted to finish. Why? Because it was good training and because I wanted to finish.

With 30km to go I was at Mordialloc and imagined racing to St Kilda.  And I grovelled, pushed big gears and tried to help team-mates. I was going to finish.

So far this season I have had good legs and yet I have failed to be in the good break. Yet on my worst days of the season I found myself in the front group of 40 with a lap to go. And I grovelled, pushed big gears and tried to help team-mates.

Marc Ryan made the selection after racing his heart out in the last 80km and finished 4th. Jan Kuyckx was in the second group and gritted his teeth to a hard fought 9th. I ended up 25th in the 3rd group. Loh Sea Keong was 35th after riding the most aggressive and toughest race ridden by an MPC rider this year.

The finish

Luckily for me it seems Lede was just a “bad day” and not a sign of a loss of form. I bounced back at Ruddervoorde two days later. I felt much, much better. And to show just how cruel cycling can be I missed the front group.

I am now in China for The Tour of Qinghai Lake. More info to follow.

Rest time

A big thanks to Peter. As I suffered during the race I concentrated hard on proper posture on the bike and everything Peter and Mark McGrath have taught me.

Without it I wouldn’t have stayed with the group in the crosswinds.

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3 Responses to “A Hard Day at the Office”

  1. 1 Youngy

    Good Blog Mitchy! keep them coming. You know Matty Kennetts now legendary quote…. “if you wait for the sprint… take a hint……………..”

  2. 2 Anonymous

    Mitchy love ya work… Drew

  3. 3 Gregy mac

    Nice work Mitchy!! Pins looking good too mate;)

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