Tomorrow is the Geraardsbergen Kermis. Geraardsbergen and in particular de Muur van Geraardsbergen is holy ground for cyclists. The race see us finish in the main square of the town, which, is half way mark of the first section of the Muur. Tomorrows lap sees us race to the top of the first section turn right and descend away from Geraardsbergen. The riders of Ronde van Vlaanderen turn left before heading to the real Muur. Either way I am very excited for tomorrows pilgrimage. All going well I will pass the through the town 15 times and cover 170km.

Finish of the Geraardsbergen Kermis in 2009. Team mate Nicky Walker was on the podium


2 Responses to “Geraardsbergen”

  1. 1 marty

    Still reading your blogs and very much thinking of you gathering strength, training, preparing, and ultimately competing. Stay steady, keep perspective, focus, enjoy every minute. I used to say to a lot of people that that word enjoy means a little like what we used to say to our kids around the dinner table – eat what you can and leave the rest. In all that you are doing, do everything you can and leave the rest. When you do that and know that you have done everything then, results aside, I reckon you can enjoy the experience. Or to put it into other words: Don’t aim to be the best, be the best you can be.


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