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“I also thought: why has no one else tried this? Folk had been using tri-bars for seven years. Which just shows you: people accept what they’ve got, what they’re told.” – Graeme Obree Advertisements



Tomorrow is the Geraardsbergen Kermis. Geraardsbergen and in particular de Muur van Geraardsbergen is holy ground for cyclists. The race see us finish in the main square of the town, which, is half way mark of the first section of the Muur. Tomorrows lap sees us race to the top of the first section turn […]

The end of August signals the beginning of the end of the season. All the riders in Europe are about to enter the month of “Creeptember” where motivation to race, train, stretch, diet can be at their lowest. However, this is also the time where the desperate are fighting for contracts for next year or […]

Stage by Stage: I am under no illusion that this is going to be a boring post. So this is just for those interested in reading what the racing was actually like for me. Prelude: Did very little. Goals for the criterium was to stay upright, continue my acclimatisation to racing at 2,500m and gain […]

It probably hasn’t been worth the wait but here it is. Better late than never. The Tour knocked me around more than I expected it to and it took me a good two weeks to feel human again. The reason after that is procrastination. The words below were written on the plane on the way […]

I have been trying to write a blog for the past few weeks. And by trying I mean thinking about. Over a week ago the team and I raced The Lede Pro Kermesse. I had the kind of day every cyclists dreads. It’s commonly know as a “bad day” and for me the symptoms were: […]

A Bad Year


So far this has been a bad year for cyclists. Having said that I began to think that everyday a cyclist is killed or injured while riding. Causes are numerous. Car’s, pedestritions, stupidity, other riders or pushing the limits. The last cause I wrote is the biggest reason I ride a bike. I love the […]