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After coming back to Belgium and getting the initial shock of racing on footpaths again (like only the Belgians can do) and now getting over my writers block I have been finally able to finish this blog. I have been trying to write this blog for a few weeks now. I still don’t feel I […]

Tommy Nankervis is a teammate and my ex roommate. Ex because I have had to take an extended holiday from cycling. Tom is currently the Oceania Champion and is former National Champion on the Track. Lets find out what got Tommy into cycling, his road from track to the cobbles of Europe and what makes […]

Gullegem Pre Race from Nico from Nick Mitchell on Vimeo.



Gullegem was Tom Boonen’s first race back from a short break from racing thanks to a positive control for cocaine use. That combined with beautiful weather and the Flemish public made for an awesome atmosphere.