Here we aim to provide a list of our contributors. We will also include some background information on them about why they are involved and what ‘Born 2 Ride’ means to them.

Name: Nick Mitchell
Age: 22
Team: Cyclingnews-Jako
Home towns: Booischot Belgium and Melbourne Australia
Height: 185cm Weight: 82kg
Nickname: Little Dog
Favourite animal: Rhino
Favourite colour: Red
Hobbies: Long walks on the beach, Cross stitching, Reading Shakespeare
Cycling History: I started concentrating on cycling in April 2007 after another unsuccessful campaign to make the Australian Rowing Team. 12 months later I am living in Belgium and racing for a continental registered cycling team.


2 Responses to “Contributors”

  1. 1 Margaret Nixon

    Hi Nick
    that was a pretty heavy and brave blog from you! Riding with the Black Dog as your companion must not be easy. All power to you! One day at a time.

    On a lighter note. I am so pleased to see you have seen the errors of your way and are now riding a Cervelo as all great riders do!

    Enjoy each day

  2. 2 Paul McGann

    Hi Mitch.
    How are you? How did you go in your race on the weekend? Hey I’ll be over in Amsterdam for the World U23 Champs from 20th-25th July. Will you be around? I’m coaching the AUS U23 M4+. These kids are going to be selected from Aussie kids in the US College system who have been given scholarships to row in the USA. Previously we’ve lost these kids from the Aust rowing system but RA are trying a new strategy to re-engage them back into our loop. They won’t be that flash but it’s a start. Hope to see you over there. We arrive in Amsterdam for a pre-Worlds camp in Amsterdam on or about 11th July so hopefully we can catch up. It would be great to see you.

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