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I found cycling very late in life. I didn’t start watching The Tour until I was 17. Since then I have fallen in love with the sport. Very early on I started to fall for the monuments and the country that encapsulated cycling. It’s heartland. Belgium and in particular Flanders. The weather, the races and […]

Over the past week I was welcomed back to Belgium in the only way that Belgium could. Fast and hard Kermesse racing. Tomorrow sees the trend continue with The Heist op den Berg Pro Kermesse. Heist op den Berg is 10km from my old home in Belgium so it is a home race of sorts […]

Today I thought it about time I turn this little idea into reality by putting it out there. So I began to formalise a list of contributors who I felt would have great stories to share. I must admit that I have begin close to me by speaking to a few athlete I have known […]